STIGMATROZ is a band formed by Guacho R. Sendon & Mauro Pil Modernell. The band was born with the purpose to express existentialism in everything that surrounds us and to put the focus on the absurdity of reality and the hypocrisy of media and political power. Guacho and Mauro are both from Uruguay and were members of bands such as 'El Entierro Prematuro', 'Resurrección de Lázaro' and 'La Visión". Once in Spain, Catalonia they created in 2004 their way to express the message with dark electronic aggressive and blunt. A year later Stigmatroz published their first demo, 'Tumorosos', EP that they presented along with Larva, one of the most representative Catalan bands of EBM and Old School, and of which Guacho has been part as drummer in their live shows. 

Later the duo released singles "Tu rencor" and "The Cry Of Pain", as well as preformed the opening act in Barcelona of bands like Rabia Sorda (Erk Aicrag-Hocico), Das Ich, Suicide Commando, Diary Of Dreams and Paintbastard. The band not only acted in Spain, but in 2015 crossed Mexico and Los Angeles (USA). Was part of the line up of the Portuguese festival 'Lock The Target' (held in Porto). Stigmatroz visited Helsinki (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia), where they presented their album Innata Miseria (work produced and mastered By Moisés Martí, (DDF-Studios). 

Stigmatroz has remixed bands like Beasts of Assault, Electrovot, Larva and Vondage and has collaborated on the soundtrack of the film Megamuerte, directed by J. Oskura Najera, leader of the Catalan band Eyaculación Post Mortem, icons of national death rock, a band in which Guacho has played drums since 2007. Guacho has acted as keyboardist of Hocico in two of their concerts in the city. For his part, Mauro Pil Modernell is the art work painter and has one man band proyect called “BocaVulario de los malditos”.